Brexit report now in English: Recommendations for Swedish priorities in upcoming negotiations


The National Board of Trade Sweden has been commissioned by the Swedish Government to identify which sectors are particularly important for Sweden in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The purpose of the analysis is identify what is most important for Sweden in a future EU-UK agreement, in order to mitigate the negative effects. A summary of the report has now been translated into English.

- A first conclusion is that some businesses and sectors are more sensitive to Brexit than others. Based on a range of factors, from trade statistics to number of jobs supported by trade, we have identified the sectors that are particularly important for Sweden in the upcoming negotiations. Among others, we single out the car industry, wood and paper sectors as well as business services. With regards to these sectors, it is clear that even the most ambitious and comprehensive trade agreement or partnership will not come close to what we have today. There is simply no magic solution to replace the EU internal market and customs union. Furthermore, we find that trade in these essential sectors is not only dependent on sector-specific rules such as those on cars, paper or business services. Horizontal issues such as the movement of goods and services, as well as the possibility to move persons or data are also crucial, says Anna Stellinger, Director General.

The key sectors proposed as Swedish priorities will need to be (1)  particularly important for Sweden's trade with the UK and (2) sectors in which Brexit might lead to significant trade barriers. A main conclusion in the analysis is that priority should be put to horizontal issues, such as movement of persons and data, tariff-free access with liberal rules of origin, trade facilitation, openness in public procurement and ways to assure compliance with agreed rules. These broad issues are necessary preconditions for all trade between Sweden (EU) and the UK after Brexit, in any sector, for both economic and legal reasons.

Read the summary: After Brexit - Recommendations for Swedish priorities in upcoming negotiations


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