Brexit and the free movement for persons

On March 12, 2019, the Swedish Government published legislative amendments to facilitate administrative procedures for British nationals and their family members living in Sweden in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The amendments state that British nationals and their family members should be exempted from applying for a residence or work permit in Sweden until March 29, 2020 (in case of a no-deal Brexit). During this transition period, British nationals and their family members are allowed to live in Sweden under the same conditions as before Brexit, as long as they fulfill the EU law criteria for right of residence, that is, they either:

  • work 
  • look for work 
  • study 
  • run their own business
  • are a family member of an EU-national 
  • have enough money to support themselves and have comprehensive health insurance.

If a British national plans to live in Sweden after the transition period, he or she has to apply for a residence and work permit at the Migration Agency. A person who has lived in Sweden for at least five years, can apply for a long-term resident permit.

British nationals and their family members can during the transition period apply for a specific certificate, stating that they are covered by the new temporary regulations in Sweden, at the Migration Agency. This certificate can be of importance at the Swedish border control, when returning to Sweden from travel during the transition period.

More information

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