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  1. Making Green Trade Happen

    Environmental Goods and Indispensable Services

    In July 2014, the EU and a number of WTO member countries initiated negotiations on how to facilitate global trade regarding products which benefit the environment. So far, the discussion has focused on eliminating tariffs on so-called environmental goods. This study shows that in order to truly facilitate trade in environmental goods, barriers to trade in services need to also be removed. This is because companies selling environmental goods also usually sell a number of services related to such environmental goods. Often, customers demand a package solution that includes both goods and services. The report identifies a number of services indispensable to trade in environmental goods. Examples of such services include installation services, technical testing and user customisation. The report argues that the countries should negotiate about both the liberalisation of trade in environmental goods, as well as trade in services indispensable to environmental goods.

    The report is based on interviews with companies that export and import environmental goods.

  2. Maj 2014 | Rapporter | English

    Moving to Sweden

    Obstacles to the Free Movement of EU Citizens

    Citizens of the European Union (EU) have the right to visit, work, study and retire in other member states. The free movement of persons becomes more important for commerce as production assumes a more specialized and internationalized nature. Production can depend on fast access to the skills and expertise of a few specialists, and it should therefore be easy for them to move between production sites and customers in different member states.

    In this report the Swedish National Board of Trade focuses on the situation of EU citizens who want to move and work in Sweden. While in many ways, it is easy to live in Sweden as an EU citizen, obstacles still remain that need to be overcome. The report is an edited version of a 2013 report in Swedish: Att flytta till Sverige - hinder för den fria rörligheten för EU-medborgare.

  3. Maj 2014 | Rapporter | Svenska

    Åtgärder för en förbättrad inre marknad

    Denna rapport bygger på "Åtgärder för en förbättrad inre marknad", en rapport som Kommerskollegium publicerade 2012. Denna uppdaterade rapport återfinns också i boken "Vilket EU vill vi ha?" (Ratio, 2014). De ursprungliga förslagen för en förbättrad inre marknad är – två år senare – fortfarande relevanta. Därför finns de alla med i denna uppdaterade version av rapporten. På de områden där EU-lagstiftning har tillkommit eller där förslag föreligger har vi uppdaterat texten. Det gäller bland annat erkännande av yrkeskvalifikationer, möjlighet att öppna ett bankkonto, offentlig upphandling och immaterialrätt.

  4. April 2014 | Rapporter | English

    World Trade in the 21st Century

    In this report, the National Board of Trade summarises important trends that challenge conventional wisdom with respect to international trade. The report is based on previous analysis by the National Board of Trade and it describes:

    1. how production increasingly takes place in international networks
    2. the increased service content of trade - so called "servicification"
    3. the digitalisation of international trade

    Digitalisation is probably the most important of these three trends. On the one hand, it gives rise to completely new types of trade. On the other hand, it paves the way for servicification and further specialisation within international production networks.

  5. April 2014 | Rapporter | Svenska

    Solvit Sverige 2013

    Ett urval av principiellt intressanta ärenden under året

    I Solvit-rapporten från 2013 presenteras olika typer av ärenden som handlagts inom nätverket under året.

  6. Januari 2014 | Rapporter | English

    No Transfer, No Trade

    -The Importance of Cross-Border Data Transfers for Companies Based in Sweden

    Today, business and trade is totally dependent on data flows – data that has to be moved in order to make trade happen and for efficient running of companies. The world has gone digital. The possibility for companies, organisations, governments and individuals to move and share data is a precondition for this. While creating enormous opportunities, the digital age also raises important concerns, including the protection of personal information. With this report, we hope to improve the understanding of the issue of data transfers, especially how companies use data transfers as part of their everyday trade and thus how data protection and regulations affect their business opportunities.

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