Seminar: AMR in a trade and development perspective

Date:  27 September 2016, 13.00-15.00
Venue:  National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium), Drottninggatan 89, ground floor, Stockholm Show on map

AMR (Anti-Microbial Resistance) is one of the biggest health threats that humanity is facing. AMR is also threatening animal health and ultimately it can endanger food safety and food security. The majority of research supports evidence of links between use of antibiotics in animal production and resistance in humans.

In May 2016 the O'Neil review presented recommendations for tackling AMR and untreatable infections worldwide. What are the special needs in developing countries in this context? Is there a link between AMR-risks, travelling and international trade in food products? Are requirements on responsible use of antibiotics already being incorporated in private sector standards?

This mini-seminar aims at discussing important aspects of animal health, food security and AMR-risks in a trade and development perspective, together with invited experts.

The seminar is held in English. Changes to the programme can occur.
Seminar: AMR in a trade and development perspective  


Introduction and word of welcome
Michael Koch, National Board of Trade

AMR - the dynamics of resistance development and spread, and links between animal-human health, food safety and environment
Christina Greko, National Veterinary Institute

The need to invest in animal health and AMR management in developing countries - for food safety, poverty reduction and improved health
Sofia Boqvist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Current knowledge on AMR-risks related to trade in food products, the example of multi-resistant salmonella
Mia Egervärn, National Food Agency of Sweden


AMR-risks relating to increased travelling, tourism and globalisation
Johan Struwe, Public Health Agency of Sweden

Overview of OIE and Codex standards on responsible use of antibiotics and AMR prevention

Stuart Slorach, Chairperson of OIE Working Group on Animal Health Food Safety, former Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission

Initiative on AMR-related production requirements in private standard developed by Axfoundation
Caroline Sachs, Axfoundation

The role of trade policy in achieving more responsible use of antibiotics

Kristina Olofsson, Senior Trade Policy Adviser for trade in Agricultural and Food Products, National Board of Trade



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