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Would you and your business like to sell goods to Sweden and are uncertain of the rules that apply to a particular product? Then you can turn to the Product Contact Point at the National Board of Trade.

Within the EU you should be able to trade freely over national borders. For you and for your business, this means that a product which can be legally sold in one Member State may be sold in another Member State without further adaptation or testing. However, in certain cases the relevant authorities may demand that national product rules be adhered to.

The Product Contact Point helps businesses by providing information on any national requirements for a particular product. We contact the relevant public authorities which provide information about which regulations that apply to the product. Through us, this information is distributed to you and your company within 15 working days and the service is free of charge. If you would like to communicate directly with the public authorities, you can receive guidance from the website of the Market Surveillance Council (Marknadskontrollrådet). If you do not find your product in the Market Surveillance Council’s list, you can look for guidance in the National Board of Trade’s supplementary list.

There are Product Contact Points in all EU countries and Norway. At each Contact Point you can obtain information about the product regulations for that specific country. A list of the EU´s Product Contact Points may be accessed via the website of the European Commission.

If an authority has taken a decision that may contravene the EU regulations for free movement of goods, your case can instead be handled by the Swedish Solvit centre at the National Board of Trade.

Contact us

If you have questions on the relevant regulations for a specific product, or if you need more information about the principle of mutual recognition, you are welcome to contact the Product Contact Point at the National Board of Trade as follows:

Phone: +46 (0)8-690 48 00 (switchboard, ask for the Product Contact Point)


Visiting address: Kommerskollegium, Box 6803, 113 86 Stockholm

National Board of Trade, P.O. Box 6803, SE-113 86 Stockholm. 
Visiting Address: Drottninggatan 89. 
Phone: +46 8 690 48 00     Fax: +46 8 30 67 59


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